Building 519

The Story

Christa Wetzel, Executive Director of Alpha Family Center, had a problem. Her non-profit had a big year in 2017. The group, which has long ministered to local families, saw its client base balloon to more than 250 people. However, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was the building the Alpha Family Center was renting on East Main Street. Previously used as a florist shop, it was not equipped to effectively serve that many people. The space could only accommodate two small counseling rooms and a medical room. Everyone else had to wait in a small entryway which provided little privacy for clients in crisis. “Our clients are often under tremendous stress when they arrive for help,” Wetzel notes. They may be experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, job loss or other family crisis. “It’s not uncommon for someone to break down and weep as they explain their circumstances.” And therein lies Wetzel’s problem: “It’s difficult to provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere when space is so limited,” she explains. However, Alpha Family Center operates on a shoestring budget which made it a difficult problem to address. Wetzel credits divine intervention and open hearts as helping her find the solution. To read the rest of the story... READ MORE