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Pregnancy Information
  • Do I Need A Parent's Permission To Get a Pregnancy Test?
You do not need parent permission. Alpha offers free medically confirmed pregancy tests with no appointment necessary.

  • How Do I Tell If I Am Pregnanct?
Common symptoms are (may differ from person to person):
  1. Delay/Difference in Menstration: A missed or delayed period is one of the most significant signs of pregnancy.
  2. Implantation Bleeding: Within 12 days after conception ‘implantation bleeding’ may occur. This could include cramping and some spotting.
  3. Breast Sensitivity
  4. Unexplainable Tiredness
  5. Morning Sickness/Nausea
  6. Backaches, especially in the lower back
  7. Headaches: Changing hormone levels can cause headaches
  8. Food Cravings or Food Aversions
  9. Sensitivity to Smell: Some smells both good and bad previously, may now make you nauseous
  10. Frequent Urination
  11. Darkening of the skin around you nipples
  12. Shortness of Breath

  • Where can I go for parenting tips and questions?
At Alpha Family Center of Lowell we have a trained client advocate waiting to help you through your parenting journey.  We have many different types of prenatal and postnatal classes, the early years, toddlers, and as well as classes for fathers. Please call us at 616.987.9533 to more information or to ask a parenting question.
  • Are Home Pregnancy Tests Accurate?
Home pregnancy tests are usually very accurate if you follow the directions, but they can be inaccurate at times. Alpha Family Center can provide medical confirmation of pregnancty through our FREE pregnancy tests.

  • What is Pregnancy Like?
The best way to describe pregnancy is the word change.  Your body changes, your emotions change, and your appetite changes.  There will most likely be some weight gain which varies in amount from person to person.  There will also be periods of tiredness, possibly some morning sickness, and also periods of high energy. 

  • What is delivering a baby like? 
Each time a women delivers a baby it can be a different experience.  If this is your first baby delivery it can be exciting, frightening, tiring, and painful, depending on whether or not you would like to use medication during your delivery. As you get closer to delivery your baby will move into a better position to be born.  There are several parts to the labor process, but it will most likely begin with very strong cramps and a tightening in your abdomen.  Some women’s water may break while others have to have their water broken. As your body prepares to deliver the baby your cervix will dilate creating more room for the baby to pass through.  When your body has made all the preparations to deliver your baby you will feel the urge to push. The pain is often intense when pushing begins as your body stretches to deliver the baby. If everything goes as planned you will push the baby out into the world without complication.  After the baby is delivered you will have to push several more times in order to deliver the placenta.  This should not hurt. Some women may need stitches to repair any tearing in the vaginal area.  Some women may need to have C-Sections because their babies did not move into the correct birthing position, or there are complications during labor.  Your doctor will continuously be monitoring you during labor and will know if a C-Section is the best option. Remember that each baby delivery is different and no two stories are exactly the same!

The Stages of Pregnancy

Month 1- Heart tube is formed and begins to beat around 65 times a minute. Also, facial features are forming.

Month 2- Tiny stubs are forming which will be the future arms and legs. The brain and spinal cord are far along in their development. Detection of the heartbeat is now available.

Month 3- The baby is fully formed with the arms, legs, nails,  and organs. The baby will continue to become more functional. The reproductive organs are also developing, but hard to see.

Month 4- Hair, eyelashes and eyelids are formed. Bones are denser and nervous system is formed. Your baby can suck his or her thumb, even yawn!

Month 5- Your baby’s muscles are developing, and he (she) is using them.

Month 6- Your baby’s eyelids begin to part and your baby first opens his or her eyes! Your baby will also begin to respond to sounds by moving around.

Month 7-Your baby’s ears and hearing are fully developed and he or she will respond more to sounds and movement.

Month 8-Your baby’s brain is quickly developing. He or she is gaining body fat and is almost fully developed.

Month 9- The baby is fully developed. He (she) is blinking, kicking, turning its head, and responding to the outside world. Your baby is ready to be born!