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Abortion Reversal
Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy after conception. It ends the pregnancy by killing the embryo or fetus.
Abortion is not a quick fix or an easy decision. It's a decision filled with emotion and complications and should not be decided upon hastilly. It is especially helpful to discuss this decision with someone you trust. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy we encourage you to take time when you are making your decision because regardless of your choice, it will impact you for the rest of your life. No decision will be easy but we would love to help you talk through the decision.  We believe that every life is a gift from God with a distinct purpose. This does not depend on whether the person is born or unborn, has special needs, whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned, or the circumstances in which ​they are concieved.
Deciding to parent is a big decision.  It involves accepting the responsibility of another life.  You may have a very large support system including the father of the baby, family, and friends, or it may just be you.  Regardless of how large your support system Alpha wanta to be there for you. We understand that developing relationships with other people is important and can help you in those first few weeks after your baby is born.  We want to help you make connections in the community to help you in your parenting journey. At Alpha we focus on helping you learn more about basic ways to be a good parent:
Keeping your child safe
Showing affection and listening to your child
Providing order and consistency
Setting and enforcing limits
Spending time with your child
Monitoring your child's friendships and activities
Leading by example
There are many reasons why you might consider adoption during your unplanned pregnancy. Some of these reasons may include financial harships, or feeling that you are too young to parent. This may be the most loving and sacrificial choose that a mother can make.  If you choose adoption there are two main kinds of adoption: open and closed.  With open adoptions there is communication between the birth parent(s) and the adoptve parents, this could be through pictures and letters, emails, or regular visits between the birth parent(s) and adoptive family. A closed adoption is where there is no communication between the birth parent(s) and the adoptive family after the adoption is complete. Records may be sealed by the court in these cases.  Adoptive families can be chosen by you based on how “open” or “closed” you would like your adoption to be. Each family who is seeking to adopt goes through a rigorous screening and interviewing process to ensure the safety of the children.  If you would like to talk with someone about adoption please contact us and we can talk with you more about your decision.